The Girls of Atomic City - A Short Review

The non-fiction account of the tens of thousands of women (and men) who labored at the factories in Oak Ridge, TN from 1942-1945. Mud everywhere and living in huts, 3 eight hour shifts a day, some in the biggest building in the world at that time, they all seemed to have a post-depression, I've-got-a-job, cheerfulness and Can Do! attitude despite the fact that no one knew more than what they were supposed to do, not at all what the whole project was about. They weren't allowed to talk about their jobs to anyone, even each other, or people they met at the many off hour social events or at the bowling alley or cafeteria. They were recruited from all over the country and checked for security purposes. The assembly of the physical plant and the workers in a relatively short time was a colossal and remarkable job. A fascinating and enjoyable read about a segment of World War II life and the effort to win the war.