Where's The Library?

“Where’s the Library?” is a question we knew a lot of people would be asking when JML moved into its new home. After the library campaign was completed, and the move accomplished, one of the donors, a library board member, offered to make an additional gift to point the way to St. George’s wonderful new library. Hedgerow and Pierson Nurseries offered to donate the landscape design, trees and plants. There is still one piece to come, and that is a sign, attached to the stone column.

As you consider the design it’s helpful to know that the Library was limited in what could be at the road. This area is in the Shoreland Protection Zone, which sharply limits the size of sign JML could display. The stonewalls help call attention to the entrance, while working within these limits. (The sign that was at the old building was even too large.)

Being tucked away out of sight created a challenge. Through the generosity of donors it will be easier for first time users to find us, as well as express how proud we are of St George’s Library.