50 Years of Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia Series by Peggy Parish

Just over 50 years ago the hilarious housekeeper Amelia Bedelia and her literal interpretation of language were born.  It’s a classic story of a very lovable noodle head whose first day of work includes “drawing” the drapes and “dressing” the chicken.  She may have been fired at the end of her first day of work, but Amelia Bedelia has a secret weapon-her lemon meringue pie!

When children are ready to be more independent readers, series at this level are a good choice.  Children need to feel that when they read books that they are smart.  What better than a character who is confused about language.  Amelia has a wonderful, strong character.  When she makes a mistake she pushes on and remains positive.  Even while laughing at her silly behavior, children are actually learning a lot about vocabulary.

Let’s all have some pie in her honor!