Annual Meeting

JML's Annual Meeting is on Thursday, July 22nd at 7pm at the Library. The agenda includes election of Board members and officers, and approval of revised Bylaws.

The slate of candidates for a three year term are:

Tom Barnes
Peter Enggass
Alicia Hammatt
Patty Kahn
Wayne Sawyer
Nancy Scott
Frank Tichy

The slate of officers for a one year term are:

Susan Bates, President
Frank Tichy, Vice President
Tom Barnes, Treasurer
Joe Holub, Secretary

The current and revised Bylaws can be read at the Library, or on this web site under the "About the Library" tab.

Amendments to the Bylaws include:
1)    change qualifications for Library membership. All adult cardholders will be members and no dues are required.
2)    change method of notification for Annual Meeting to posting to a notice to the Library website, at Town Hall and the Library bulletin boards, and in a local newspaper
3)    create an Executive Committee
4)    reduce required number of Board meetings to 4 per year
5)    update Article II - Purpose