We Welcome The Doll People - Sharon's Pick of the Week

The Doll People By Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin Illustrated by Brian Selznick Ages 8-12

I’ll admit I’ve been struggling over the last week to maintain a “reading life”. LIFE has gotten in the way. Luckily, there are enthusiastic readers in and out of the Children’s Room that inspire me.

I had recently read a wonderful review for “The Doll People” and ordered it for the collection. I was reluctant to sing it’s praises before even reading a bit of it. As it turns out I didn’t have to. A couple of days ago, in the space of 5 minutes, Both Taylor and Chloe saw the book on the shelf and glowed with excitement. Chloe recalled how someone had read it to her and Taylor had wanted to read it for some time. What better way to advertise a book?

The Doll family has made their home in the same dollhouse, in the same room of the Palmers home for a whole century. Much has changed for the Palmers, but little has changed for the Doll family. There is that annoying Funcraft family that has moved into one of the bedrooms! The one thing that did happen years ago was the mysterious disappearance of a member of the Doll family. An unlikely alliance develops in order to solve the mystery.

This book is for any child who has ever imagined a full, busy life for their dolls. They will never look at their dolls the same way again.