Before They Were Movies...Sharon's Picks from the Children's Shelf

“Why can’t we have a real mother?” was the question I would hear when I told my kids that reading the original story would probably be better than going to see the movie. I am happy to report that they have grown into avid readers. They still think I’m crazy. Here are three wonderful examples of “The book might be better”.

Stuart Little, By E.B. White “When Mrs. Frederick C. Little’s second son arrived, everyone noticed that he was not much bigger than a mouse. The truth of the matter was, the baby looked like a mouse in every way”. That’s how E. B. White begins this wonderful tale of a mouse that has somehow been born to a family of humans. He is a very welcome addition to their pleasant New York City home. It’s a story about loyalty and friendship with a very charming, intelligent animal at its center.



Matilda, By Roald Dahl Poor, misunderstood Matilda. It’s such an unappreciative world. She can fight back, though. She has a hidden talent. Matilda is the world’s greatest practical joker! Little effort is needed to put one over her very obnoxious parents, but can she handle the formidable headmistree Miss Trunchbull, and win the respect of every kid in school? Yes!


Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, By Judi Barrett

The land of Chewandswallow! No wonder this book has been a bestseller since 1978. Instead of rain or snow, soup and mashed potatoes. The imagination, illustration and humor are pitch perfect.