Upcoming Teen Programs at the Library

The Jackson Memorial Library now hosts an after-school program for those in grades 6 and up.  You can find the basic program information here under the "Teen" section of the website.  On Wednesdays, there are special programs.  Here's a taste of some of them.

Come join in special programs at the Jackson Memorial Library! 
Wednesday, September 11 (3:30 – 5:30) - Drawing with Heart! With Sue Reed, local Rockland Artist
We will start experimenting, which is very important to learn about using different media – pencils, crayons, charcoal, etc. We are going to start with large drawings that show movement, and feeling! To begin, we are going to make movements with our arms, then express tis on large sheets of paper. Then, we will see what emotions have been expressed, detail the drawings, and make a part of this large piece into a smaller, abstract, expressive finished drawing. 
WednesdaySeptember 18 (3:30 – 5:00) - Seaweed Salad! With Alex from Herring Gut Learning Center
Seaweed Salad- Learn to identify the most common seaweeds found in Maine and create your own seaweed pressing from a variety of seaweed types.  Try a seaweed snack and learn all about the benefits that seaweed provides to the environment and to humans!
Wednesday, October 2 (3:30 – 5:00) – Tide Pool Treasures! With Alex from Herring Gut Learning Center
Learn what causes the tides and what plants and animals live in tidal pools. Also see and touch man y of the pool's inhabitants!