Haddock Baskets-It's What's For Dinner! Doug's Seafood's Donation is Raffle Ready

All along Maine's coast line you see small seafood places serving up dishes, but here on the peninsula we are lucky to have a great little family owned seafood shop of our own and it's called Doug's Seafood.  Tucked in the woods just past Drift Inn beach parking you will find a great spot to order up some great local seafood deliciously prepared.

Doug's Seafood has donated a gift certificate for two haddock baskets from their business.  A meal fit for a king! The truly local dishes from Doug's are always crisp, light and a bit addictive.  Have a seat at one of their many picnic tables, smell the fresh ocean air and enjoy yourself some fresh local seafood.

If you haven't caught onto Doug's awesome lunch specials, there is no better time than now to start checking them out.  If not lunch, then dinner.  You won't be disappointed in this St. George family owned operation.

Support your local library and local businesses in one easy step by stopping by Jackson Memorial Library and buying your raffle tickets today! Tickets can be purchased individually at $2/ticket or you can get 6 tickets for $10.  Enter as often as you'd choose for any and all items you like and join our community to celebrate St. George Days in Tenants Harbor, ME.

Find Doug's Seafood on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/DougsSeafood