Quick! Hide! There's a Wovel in the Library! The Wovel Donation is Raffle Ready

Donated by the Davis Family of Tenants Harbor, you can take the work out of this year's shoveling by entering to win your very own Wovel.  The Wovel has been featured on the History Channels Modern Marvels and is considered a key piece of equipment to users world-wide. 

So what is a Wovel you may ask? Come to the library and find out how this one item can save you time, wear and tear on your body and even money this winter!  And 'Thank You' to Arline Slote-Davis for this awesome donation to this year's raffle fundraiser.

Support your local library and local businesses in one easy step by stopping by Jackson Memorial Library and buying your raffle tickets today! Tickets can be purchased individually at $2/ticket or you can get 6 tickets for $10.  Enter as often as you'd choose for any and all items you like and join our community to celebrate St. George Days in Tenants Harbor, ME.