Wonderful Development in Library's Building Plans


There is an amazing development in the Library’s building plans, thanks to an incredibly generous gift.

In late May, while working with Elliott + Elliott Architects to put the finishing touches on the Juniper Street building plans, we received a call from the officers of The Lillius Gilchrest Grace Institute (LGGI) asking if the Library would consider a gift of the building and land that was the home of the Grace Youth Center. The youth center was closing, ending LGGI’s 70 plus years of service to the youth of St. George.

The property, a five-year-old building of over 9,000 square feet is situated on 8 acres of land, located right next to the St. George School at 71 Main Street. After extensive discussions between the LGGI and JML boards, and a thorough review process, we are pleased to announce that the transaction was completed on July 3rd. This is a dream come true.

The new facility will enable us to serve more children, adults and families in more and better ways. Renovations will be necessary, but with the success of the capital campaign we have the funds to complete the renovations and take care of the building in perpetuity. The Building Committee and Board will be developing a plan and budget over the next few months.

There is an open house on Tuesday, July 31st from 5pm to 7pm. We hope you can join us then to celebrate this wonderful gift. The building is occupied through the end of July. Please respect the privacy of the tenants until then. We appreciate your understanding.