Caitlyn Shetterly Reading


On Wednesday, September 28, 2011 author and National Public Radio (NPR) contributor Caitlin Shetterly will read from her memoir, Made For You and Me: Going West, Going Broke, Finding Home. The event will take place at the Ocean View Grange in Martinsville at 6 p.m., with a reception before at 5:30 p.m.

Caitlin Shetterly is a frequent contributor to NPR where she reports on arts and culture, food and lifestyle. For NPR’s Weekend Editionshe created a series of blogs about the recession titled “Diaries of a Recession.” These diaries and blogs were an inspiration for her memoir, Made for You and Me, published in March 2011. She is also founder and artistic director of the Winter Harbor Theatre Company, where she produces and directs works that confront important  issues of our time. She lives in Maine with her husband, photographer Daniel Davis and their young son.

In 2008, newlyweds Caitlin Shetterly and Dan Davis began their lives together by pursuing a lifelong shared dream of leaving Maine and going west to California. At first, California seemed to be all they had hoped for, the land of plenty. Almost immediately, however, the recession landed, and an unplanned and difficult pregnancy made Caitlin unable to work. By December, every job Dan had lined up had been canceled and, though he pounded the pavement, he could not find work.. By March 2009, every cent of the couple's savings was gone.

And so, a year after they’d set out with big plans, Catlin and Dan packed up again, this time with a baby on board, to make their way home.  As they drove, Caitlin blogged about their situation and created the audio diaries for NPR’s Weekend Edition. She received an astounding response – from all across the country, listeners offered help, opening their hearts and their homes. And when the young family arrived back in rural Maine and squeezed into Caitlin’s mother’s small saltbox home, Caitlin learned that the bonds of family run much deeper than any pull to roam and that, with love, she and Dan could achieve their dreams, wherever they lived. 

Caitlin Shetterly is a lively and entertaining speaker. Her book has received excellent reviews. It will be on sale and the author will be available to sign copies before and after her talk. For more information on this or future programs, please contact Yvonne Gloede, Librarian, Jackson Memorial Library, 207-372-6286 or visit us as