Between Fact and Fiction: The Subculture of Maine Lobstermen

Maine author K. Stephens will stage an engaging presentation from her 2009 novel, The Ghost Trap, (Leapfrog Press) on Wednesday,  August 31, 7 PM at the Jackson Memorial Library, 38 Main St,  Tenants Harbor. The novel follows the haunting story of Jamie Eugley, a young lobsterman struggling with the grinding responsibilities of a head-injured fiancée and mounting trap wars in a fictional setting based around Tenants Harbor, Spruce Head, Port Clyde and Friendship. The Ghost Trap is a modern tale with an old-fashioned hero who puts family and heritage before self. In the end it’s not just about lobstering, but about one man’s sorrow for not appreciating the love he had, however damaged.


Stephens, a long-term resident of the midcoast, spent eight years researching and writing the background for the novel, with James Acheson, author of The Lobster Gangs of Maine, as well as several lobstermen, including Survivor contestant Zoe Zanidakis, serving as consultants on its accuracy. Featured on MPBN’s “Maine Things Considered” and Time Warner Cable’s “Maine Street,” The Ghost Trap has received multiple awards and Publishers Weekly calls it: "A rugged and tender tale. Bawdy humor, snappy dialogue, colorful sea myths and rich lobstering details add to the immense appeal of this textured narrative about a lobsterman’s inward and outward struggles."


Stephens has teamed up with 4th generation Maine lobsterman, Ryan Post, creator of the educational DVD, Maine Buggin (, whose DVD gives the inside scoop on how lobster traps work, how they’re caught and how invisible territory lines are drawn. Stephens will splice fictional excerpts with documentary-style video clips—staging a fast, exciting presentation for those interested in the hard-working, high drama lifestyle that goes with Maine lobster fishing.


This program is free and open to the public. For more information call 372-8961 or visit