Yes, St. George is going to have a new library building!

Volunteers have organized to conduct a capital campaign to build a new library for the Town of St. George. We are laying the foundation for a successful campaign by soliciting library leadership and volunteers before we go out to the general community.

Although the campaign was launched in 2007, we soon realized that we needed to stop and reassess our direction. That turned out to be just the right decision. After a lot of internal and public discussion we are back on the campaign trail – well on our way to building a beautiful new library to serve the citizens of St. George. 

Built on the library’s tradition of volunteerism, A New Library for St. George: The Next 75 Years has enlisted more than 30 volunteers from across the St. George peninsula to get started.

Campaign Cabinet
Susan Bates – CoChair
Jim Graf – CoChair
Marge Cook – Honorary Chair
Yvonne Gloede
Kate Hewlett
Anne Hurtt
Betsy Johnson
Elaina Lowell
John Shea
Wick Skinner
Frank Tichy
Betsy Welch

Awareness Committee – This important committee will work with the cabinet to present opportunities for the community to become aware of the need for a new library building.

Betsy Johnson – CoChair
Barbara Grossbaum – CoChair
Diane Bailey
Diane Barnes
Joanna Calderwood
Karan Cushman
Gayle Elfast
Kathleen Graf
Alicia Hammatt
Polly Kurowski
Martha Lord
Elaina Lowell
Suzanne Luzius
Liz May
Nadine Mort
Susan Schor
Janet Shea
Arline Slote-Davis
Toni Small
Deanna Smith
Ann Snow
Donni Witham
Emily Worm

Communications Committee – Betsy Welch and Kathryn Holub.

Join us! Please join us in building a new library for St. George!  Call the campaign office at 372-0760, email us at, or drop by the campaign office located at the library on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 9:00 to 2:00.

Save the date! The Awareness Committee is planning a dance at the Ocean View Grange in Martinsville on August 27th – guaranteed to have great music and be lots of fun!