Movie Series at the Jackson Memorial Library

Why do societies that seem stable fall apart?  How is it that friends can become enemies?  The Jackson Memorial Library in St. George is hosting a movies series to look at just those questions.  The movies will be shown at 5:30 in the library on three Thursdays.  At 7:30, people who have seen the movies elsewhere are welcome to come for the discussion. Each movie is available on DVD at the Library.

The schedule is
February 24, Shot Through the Heart.  This movie shows the breakup of Saravejo through the eyes of two friends from birth, men who are now sharpshooters trying out for the Serbian Olympic rifle team.  One, though, is Christian, the other Muslim, and the time is 1992, just as the Bosnian war is about to begin. 
March 3, Earth.  In this movie, Deepa Mehta examines the dissolution of the multi-religious community in Lahore during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 through the eyes of a ten-year old Parsee girl.
March 10,To Kill a Mockingbird.  This American classic examines courage, betrayal, and integrity as well as racism in a small southern mid-twentieth century town. 
All the movies will start at 5:30, with a discussion starting at 7:30, at the Jackson Memorial Library, Route 131, Tenants Harbor.  There will be refreshments during the break between the movie and the discussion.  The Library phone is 372-8961, and the web page is   The sessions are free, and all are welcome.