Pre-K Program

Responding to the needs of the community is one of the most important goals of our library and when we heard from parents about the need for a quality kindergarten readiness program close to home, we were excited to help.  After meeting and talking with families in the community, we discovered that both location and affordability were factors that kept parents from commuting to Rockland to enroll their children in pre-kindergarten programs.  These same families also expressed concerns about their children missing out on important aspects of kindergarten readiness leaving them at a disadvantage when entering the public school system.  With this information, our idea for a free Pre-K program began and we went in search of funding.  In August 2010, JML secured its first grant for this program, which, combined with other contributions from the community, enabled us to launch the first JML Pre-K. 

What is the JML Pre-K Program?
The Pre-K Program is designed to tap into the unique learning abilities of each child through playful and creative learning that involves music, art, movement and touch.  From learning to make their own butter to recognition of letters, shapes and colors, the program delivers a foundation for success in kindergarten and in life. 

The program begins its 6th year in 2016. It runs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 to 11:30am. It is limited to no more than 12 4-year-olds, or children who will turn 4 by October 15. We follow the St. George MSU calendar, including snow day cancellations. Parents or another family member are expected to volunteer in the classroom on a rotating basis, and families are also asked to help with fundraising efforts throughout the year.

For more information, please contact Pre-K Teacher Beckie Delaney.