JML Director Duties

            JML Library Director Duties

• Supervises the purchase, use, and maintenance of technology to deliver, monitor and enhance library services
• Develops programs to address a variety of community interests
• Assists patrons in the use of the Library and in obtaining desired documents and information.
• Selects and maintains library materials including books, media, computer programs and other materials
• Develops and maintains cooperative relationships with the St. George town government, the St. George School, and other community organizations.
• Works with the Treasurer and Finance Committee to prepare the annual budget
• Identifies, pursues and supports fundraising activities and opportunities
• Recruits, trains and evaluates staff and volunteers.
• Assigns duties, defines staff responsibilities, and oversees payroll
• Works with the Board to develop clear descriptions of staff positions including a non-discrimination statement, qualifications for employment, evaluation procedures, and causes for dismissal.
• Provides ongoing coaching and follow up for staff and volunteers
• Promotes staff development by providing opportunities for staff to attend workshops and conferences.
• Attends meetings, workshops and conferences, maintaining memberships and participating in professional library associations
• Schedules and supervises contract services, inspection, and maintenance personnel
• Budgets and tracks expenses for physical plant
• Oversees apartment rentals.
• Participates in meetings of the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Committee of the Board
• Provides professional expertise and guidance to the Board including but not limited to presenting information on pertinent legislation from local, state, and federal agencies, discussing trends in library technology, funding, and management wherever possible.
• Serves as ex officio member on Board committees.

Jackson Memorial Library: an overview

The Jackson Memorial library is much more than a library— it is truly a center of communityactivity for all of St. George.  This is a large town geographically, with several small villages.  The library is in the village of Tenants Harbor, but it also serves Port Clyde, Spruce Head, and other smaller hamlets within the Town of St. George.  The year-round population is nearly 3,000; in summer it swells to nearly 7,000. Everyone is made to feel welcome and involved.

Several years ago, the library was located in a small house in the heart of the village, where it was first opened in the thirties. The board, recognizing the need for more space, began a capital campaign to build a new library close by. In 2012, the campaign goal was reached and we were poised to break ground on a new slightly larger building. Unexpectedly, we were given an opportunity to take over a former youth center, located right next to our K-8 school. The building, while not designed as a library, was much larger than the planned building, and has provided us with many opportunities to develop programming and enhance our collection.

One of the first things we did when we moved in was to improve an old path through the woods between the school and the library.  The kids make a beeline for the library when school closes.  We have a large, sunny children's room, a teen room, and a community room for a continuing series of programs for after-school help, activities and enrichment.  Children in our town will grow up knowing what a good library can provide.

For the past several years the library has run a Pre-K program at the library, funded in part by a private foundation. It's a free program for children in the community, and we're proud that the incoming kindergarten classes always include former Pre-K students.  This is a great example of the outstanding, unusual, creative programs at the Jackson Memorial Library.

This is also a retirement community, and we have countless resources, activities, and programs for the older people in town, including outreach for the homebound.  Many of our volunteers belong to this older group, and they are, and always have been, an essential part of our library operations on a daily basis. 

It's also an artists' community, and the library has regularly scheduled art shows that are currently booked two years in advance.  A portion of the proceeds of these shows goes to the library, so the shows help the library and the local artists.  And our periodic Friday-night "openings" bring new people into the library.

The librarian must work with all these groups, making everyone welcome, making activities fun, and making our library "work" for the community at every level. A calm, cheerful personality sets the tone for the library.  After the past few years of planning, fundraising, building, and actually moving, this is one quality that really stands out.  The ability to work with other people, anticipate their needs, and create an atmosphere that's consistently welcoming, pleasant, dynamic, and ever-changing is essential to the library’s success.

A small-town librarian should know everyone by name, know what kinds of books they read, and know which new books will interest them.  S/he should be a 24/7 ambassador for the library who meets every new challenge with a calm smile and a creative idea or two.  We would love to find someone who will live here, in this beautiful town, and want to stay.