Websites for Kids

Audio Programming

Audio books to listen to online for free : Programming for children and families from the Maine Humanities Council and other organizations.

Homework Help

Marvel : Maine's Virtual Library--all kinds of database and encyclopedia help.

AAA Math : Basic math help

Khan Academy : More advanced math help, as well as science, economics and history help.


Sites to Explore

PBS Kids : Games, activities, and more from you favorite shows.

Zoom : Cool activities and games for kids by kids

NASA Kids Club : Space Games

Marvel Comics and More : Superhero Games and online Comics

Crayola : Coloring pages and Activities

Discovery Kids : Neat Games and info about Discovery Kids shows

Fun Brain : Educational games. You won't even realize you're learning!

Guiness Book of World Records : Just like the book, only online!

Kids Hub : So many different games, from classic arcade games to sports games.

National Geographic for Kids : Cool games, pictures of animals and more!

Read books online!

International Children's Digital Library : Huge collection of children's book available to read online. Has books from 27 cultures and 15 languages