Visit to Brooklin Library

A visit to the Friends Library in Brooklin, ME showed us all what a compact well-designed building can achieve. This library was designed by Elliott Elliott Norelius Architecture

The JML Building Committee visited this library in June 2009 with the architects (Matt Elliott, Libby Elliott, Corey Papadopoli). Below are photos from that visit. The Building Committee includes: Frank Tichy, Chair, Tom Barnes, Kathleen Graf, Joe Holub, Dave Percival, John Shea, Linda Welch. Yvonne Gloede and Susan Bates also went.



The front desk was designed and built by a local boat builder.










The main room is light with lots of horizontal surfaces for displaying books. This area becomes the program space when the waist high stacks are moved to the side in between the tall stacks. We were all impressed with the effect acheived by the curved ceiling and the high windows (lights).



At the far end of the main room is a smaller room with a table and comfortable chairs. This is a space for small meetings, quiet reading or study, and a place for volunteers to work covering books, for example. There are also two walls in this room for displaying art.

This room can also become part of the main program space by removing the interior windows separating it from the main room.



In this photo you can see how the short stacks roll in between the tall stacks, making room for program space. The librarian said it takes about 15 minutes to set up for a program.

Here are some professional images of this library. One shows the main room with the stacks rolled away.