There are Two Sides to Every Scarf! Eileen Fisher Scarf Donation is Raffle Ready

So much can be said about the beauty and simplicity of scarves, but little can measure the potential a scarf has to completely change a style, look or outfit.  Today's fashion trends have moved the scarf off the accessories rack and into the must have section of even the simplest of wardrobes.  Lucky for us, Susan Schor, Eileen Fisher executive and Mid-Coast Maine resident, has added 2 designer fashion scarves to our annual business raffle.

Eileen Fisher is known for producing flowing simplistic designs that are both attractive and eco-friendly.  Each scarf donated by Susan Schor is valued at $100 and simply beautiful in design, texture and color.  We are honored to receive this donation and you can find more Eileen Fisher eco-friendly fashions on their website

Support your local library and local businesses in one easy step by stopping by Jackson Memorial Library and buying your raffle tickets today! Tickets can be purchased individually at $2/ticket or you can get 6 tickets for $10.  Enter as often as you'd choose for any and all items you like and join our community to celebrate St. George Days in Tenants Harbor, ME.