Summer Fine Art Exhibition

The library walls are alive with the beautiful work of 25 artists, a group show through October 2nd. Click the Artwork tab above to see a schedule of all upcoming exhibitions. JML is grateful to the following artists for being part of this wonderful new project.

Blackmer, Elizabeth Root

Bladon, Geoff

Botkin, Ed

Cartwright, Katharine

Clarke, Len

Derbyshire, Jane

Derbyshire, Melissa

Dickson, Sandra Mason

Fox, Kathleen A., PhD

Gill, Lauren

Hastings, David

Kelley, Margot Anne

Mantooth, Wendy Hayes 

Murdock, Sylvia

Nelsbach, Hannah

Pomerleau, Angela Anderson

Quint-Rose, Marylin 

Steinmetz, Robert

Talbot, Lucinda

Tunis, Joan D.

van Keuren, Luise

Vanderslice, Charlene

Wurman, Dorothy 

Yager, Carmella