Salt Institute Documentary Screening


A series of six multimedia stories about the history, people and way of life in the village of Port Clyde will debut at a special screening at the Jackson Memorial Library on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m.

Produced by students from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, the multimedia presentations feature several local lobstermen and their families, the new and growing industry of lobster processing, the tragic loss of the Port Clyde sardine cannery in a fire and explosion back in 1970 and ample testimony to the unique and cherished way of life in the village from both residents and visitors.

The project was the result of the Institute’s “Doc in a Day” program in which students are assigned a subject and location and given just a few days to prepare for, shoot and produce a short documentary.

“With just a few days to prepare, the students did copious amounts of research and began to make phone calls and find contacts,” said Christine Heinz, the students’ instructor. “On September 13, 2011 they hit the ground running. These six multimedia stories show their efforts.”

The library became involved in the project via one of those telephone calls seeking local contacts and information. “The students were wise to make to make one of their first calls to the library,” said Yvonne Gloede, director of the Jackson Memorial Library. “People don’t always realize that a library is not just about books but also is a community center and invaluable local information resource.”

Admission is free and open to all. Representatives of the Salt Institute as well as students will attend the screening and will take questions afterwards.

Founded in 1973, the Salt Institute is a non-profit school offering semester-long intensive programs in documentary writing, radio, photography and multimedia to graduate and undergraduate students of all ages.