New Building Updates


Yvonne and Samantha work on the Books on CD


Organizing the New Collection

organizing the new collection

Sam E helps out



It's getting close!


The circulation desk

circulation desk

Lower Level stacks






Area for the circulation desk, new collection and entrance is framed out.














The stubborn ledge in the elevator pit is being removed.










1/2/13 The new entrance 















Follow the renovation through Maine Coast Construction's blog here







Ground Floor (Click here for a larger image)

ground floor














LOWER LEVEL (Click here for a larger image.)

Lower Level





EXTERIOR (Click here for a larger image.)





At last it's time for a groundbreaking celebration. The outpouring of support and enthusiasm for the new library shows that it does take a village to build a library, and so with that in mind everyone is encouraged to bring a shovel and be part of the groundbreaking ceremony; this includes children and plastic sand shovels.




There is an amazing development in the Library’s building plans, thanks to an incredibly generous gift.

In late May, while working with Elliott + Elliott Architects to put the finishing touches on the Juniper Street building plans, we received a call from the officers of The Lillius Gilchrest Grace Institute (LGGI) asking if the Library would consider a gift of the building and land that was the home of the Grace Youth Center. The youth center was closing, ending LGGI’s 70 plus years of service to the youth of St. George.

The property, a five-year-old building of over 9,000 square feet is situated on 8 acres of land, located right next to the St. George School at 71 Main Street After extensive discussions between the LGGI and JML boards, and a thorough review process, we are pleased to announce that the transaction was completed on July 3rd. This is a dream come true.

The new facility will enable us to serve more children, adults and families in more and better ways. Renovations will be necessary, but with the success of the capital campaign we have the funds to complete the renovations and take care of the building in perpetuity. The Building Committee and Board will be developing a plan and budget over the next few months.

There is an open house on Tuesday, July 31st from 5pm to 7pm. We hope you can join us then to celebrate this wonderful gift. The building is occupied through the end of July. Please respect the privacy of the tenants until then. We appreciate your understanding.

New Library Building









Jackson Memorial Library is quickly moving forward with its plans to build a new library for St. George.

After a lot of community input and board discussion, the new building design and floor plan have been agreed upon, and the architects have been given the go ahead to begin construction drawings.  Pending successful completion of the campaign, we hope to break ground this summer.

The JML Capital Campaign to raise the $1.5 million to build the new library has received over $1.3 million in gifts and pledges as of early February thanks to the generosity of more than 150 individuals and foundations.  The last leg of the campaign will be a St. George-wide community gift mail appeal planned for early May.  We hope everyone will be as generous as they possibly can to help reach the final goal.  The new library is a wonderful project, conceived with a lot of thought about the present and future needs of every member of our community - from pre-K children to advanced seniors.

Below is an artist's rendering of the new building as seen from Juniper Street. Scroll down to see the floor plan and site plan.

Rendering of New Building














Floor Plan

Floor Plan



















Site Plan

Site plan





























Reading RoomYes, St. George is going to have a new library building!

It feels like a long time since the community gathered in September 2009 and enthusiastically reviewed the preliminary design concept by Elliott and Elliott Architecture.

Recently, the Board of Directors authorized its Capital Campaign Committee to continue raising funds for the new building. The campaign is in the quiet phase at this time.

Please continue to check back for more news on a new Library for St. George!



Project architects Matt Elliott and Corey Papadopoli presented a preliminary design concept to a packed house at the open community meeting on 9/23. Thank you to everyone who was able to come and give their input. The response was overwhelmingly positive. You can view the drawings hereThe model, site plans and drawings are also on display in the library.

Some of the features Matt Elliott touched on in his presentation include:

- a building that

  • feels special as you enter it
  • is in keeping with the community
  • has spare, simple lines to connect it to  working waterfront forms
  • reflects the classic Maine pattern of Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn - masses knit together
  • has flexible interior spaces to serve many needs and uses
  • a variety of places where people can sit and think, or gather and socialize

- outdoor spaces that welcome the community, including enough area for the annual Book Fair
- a light, pleasant lower level
- room for expansion in the lower level, if necessary at a later time


The architects, library board and building committee will use the community's comments to further develop and refine the program and design of the building. Detailed design will begin when we've successfully raised a significant percentage of the needed funds.


The Library will use this preliminary concept to seek major gifts. We will begin a broader community based fundraising campaign when the economy is on more solid footing. We are grateful for all donations, but because the Library relies on contributions for half of its operating budget we want to make sure our annual budget is secure before we begin actively seeking donations from the community-at-large.


The board and building committee met with architects, Matt Elliott and Corey Papadopoli, on 8/29/09 to review three design concepts. Matt and Corey discussed the site with us, what they learned from the July Annual Meeting, and how they saw the building fitting into the community. We reviewed the three concepts and focused on how the interior spaces related to each other and their functions. We also considered how each concept sat on the lot, and the outdoor spaces. 
We selected one design concept which EEArch will develop further and present to the entire community on Wednesday, September 23rd at 7:00pm.



Design: We have hired Elliott and Elliott Architecture to design the new buidling. The primary architects on the project, Matt Elliott and Corey Papadopoli were at the Library's Annual Meeting on July 23, 2009 where they described their design process and lead a discussion about what qualities people would like to see in the new building. Matt commented, "I was impressed with the turnout and the support for the library. We appreciated everyone participating so enthusiastically and we look forward to continuing the conversation as the design progresses."


Capital Campaign: The Capital Campaign is in the quiet phase as we seek grants and major gifts to give us a sound funding base from which we can move into the equally critical community wide fundraising effort.



The Building Committee visited the Friends Library in Brooklin, ME. This library was designed by Elliott and Elliott Architecture in Blue Hill. We all agreed we would love to have a similar interior for our new building - with a larger children's space and a spacious area for storing and processing used books for the annual Book Fair. You can see professional images of the Brooklin library here.