Mars Gallery and Local Drawing Group Review

From the Portland Press Herald

By Philip Isaacson

Maine has established groups that draw from the nude. Some are seasonal, some meet weekly and, although I have been told that the participants don't check out each other's work, they seem to draw strength from one another's presence.

One, the Drawing Group, has for years met regularly over the summer months, and selections from it make up the show at Mars Hall. It is a beautiful occasion. I use that term to suggest the casualness of such groups and, in many cases, the modest prices of the work that comes from it.

Here I mention Cady's soft, certain charcoal "Pose Twice," Dodd's pen-and-inks of figures disporting themselves in nature, Lynn Travis' serene watercolors of allusive ephemeral groups, Sheila White's androgynous (to me) figures and, of course, the ever-present DuBack.

This is an opportunity to see DuBack's study for "River Harmony," the large work he completed for Lehman Brothers in 1965. The study is small but speaks in consequential tones.

While at Mars Hall, look for work by Leo Brooks (1909-93). There is a compounding of Matisse, Hartley and Fitzgerald into a base and then a raucous finale to set the place on fire. I don't recall a large retrospective of this wonderful artist, but one would be felicitous. Look also for collages in firm modernist form by Marilyn Quint-Rose. They are notable, as is a sprinkling of collages by DuBack.