Kayak Off the Beaten Path! Port Clyde Kayaks' Donation is Raffle Ready

Is there any better way to explore St. George than to be on the water? Port Clyde Kayak owners Brian and Tamara provide the best experience for exploring our glorious Maine coast.  With a variety of tours including the Porpoise Tour, the Full Moon Tour, Sunset Tours and more, getting on the water with Port Clyde Kayaks is an experience you'll never soon forget and probably want to try again and again.

Port Clyde Kayaks has donated a gift certificate valued at $60 to our business raffle fundraiser.  This gift card can be used for merchandise in their Port Clyde store or it can be applied to one of their tours which do include instructions and training on sea kayaking. 

Ever wonder about Stand Up Paddle Boards? Well you can now learn all about this form of paddling from the great guides and instructors at Port Clyde Kayaks.  It's a whole new way to be on the water and explore the shores.  Located in downtown Port Clyde on Factory Road, Port Clyde Kayaks tours leave from the beach at the ferry boat landing.  If you haven't tried sea kayaking, it's time you did!

Support your local library and local businesses in one easy step by stopping by Jackson Memorial Library and buying your raffle tickets today! Tickets can be purchased individually at $2/ticket or you can get 6 tickets for $10.  Enter as often as you'd choose for any and all items you like and join our community to celebrate St. George Days in Tenants Harbor, ME.

Find Port Clyde Kayaks on Facebook:  ://www.facebook.com/pages/Port-Clyde-Kayaks/40225845501