Giving Securities


Giving Securities

For many donors giving appreciated stock to Jackson Memorial Library may be preferable to giving cash. Federal tax law offers special incentives for non-cash gifts of property, particularly if that property has appreciated in value. Please consult your financial advisor, tax attorney and/or estate planner in determining whether this option is best for you and for up-to- date information on the tax implications of each.


Gifts of Appreciated Stock: The Benefits to You

•    You avoid capital gains tax. Any gain is taxable if you sell the stock yourself, but not if you give it directly to the Library.

•    Your charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes is based on the full fair market value of the stock on the date the gift is made.

•    You receive credit from Jackson Memorial Library for the full fair market value of the stock, but the cost to you is only your original purchase price.

Valuing a Gift of Securities: The value of a publicly traded security is the average of the high and low prices on the date of the gift. Prices are generally taken from the Wall Street Journal.


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