Collectors of Eclectic - Stonefish Donation is Raffle Ready!

If you love going into a shop where the rest of the world seems to disappear and a new reality inside the store walls envelopes your every attention, then you will love stepping into the world of Stonefish.  This quaint Port Clyde shop offers items for the eclectic collectors of the world; items both new and old.

As in years past, we were overjoyed to receive a donation from Stonefish for our annual business raffle fundraiser.  This year's gift certificate for $75 is sure to please those looking for a great gift idea or a unique item for their own home.

Featuring the many unique masterpieces of Anne and Maurice Klapfish mixed with unusual items from days past, Stonefish truly is a collection of stories masquerading as a shop.  Located next to Village Ice Cream shop in the heart of Port Clyde, Stonefish offers and an original shopping adventure. 

Support your local library and local businesses in one easy step by stopping by Jackson Memorial Library and buying your raffle tickets today! Tickets can be purchased individually at $2/ticket or you can get 6 tickets for $10.  Enter as often as you'd choose for any and all items you like and join our community to celebrate St. George Days in Tenants Harbor, ME.