Bringing Up Readers

From the Free Press Online

Patrons wander in to drop off books for the annual book fair, someone asks to borrow the library's projector, volunteers restock the shelves and a swirl of 4- and almost-4-year-olds wait for their parents to pick them up after their two-hour Pre-K program. Some people even select and check out books

It's a typical day at the Jackson Memorial Library in Tenants Harbor, housed in what was once the harborside cottage of its founder, Mary Elinor Jackson. While the library is currently developing its capital campaign to build anew at a site across the street from its present location, it runs a host of community services and programs out of its tiny facility with a paid staff of two - Library Director Yvonne Gloede and Associate Director Devin Burritt - and a host of around 30 devoted volunteers. For her work overseeing this lively mix of patrons and volunteers, on May 10, Gloede was named "Outstanding Librarian of the Year" for 2011 by the Maine Library Association.

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