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Review of Superstorm

Super Storm, Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy, by Kathryn Miles, is a gripping account of how various people—from the weather forecasters to the politicos to the unfortunate victims—dealt with a storm unlike any previously seen. As the title suggests, it is organized into day-by-day chapters, with well-researched and documented accounts of the various players within, cleverly separated by charts of the weather conditions where the vignettes took place. Despite the complexities of the meteorological detail necessary in such an endeavor, the book is an easy read. Read Super Storm and you’ll become a more enlightened viewer of The Weather Channel. And you’ll never go to sea when a hurricane's afoot.

Bill Gloede


Is There an App for That?

We learned about so many apps when Jared Leadbetter from the Maine State Library hosted Appy Hour in the community room.  If you missed it, you can view the latest and greatest apps that were discussed at the meeting. Down load the list here.

Review of The Escape by David Baldacci

Don't you wish your daughter would find a nice, upright, honest guy like John Puller? I mean someone like him who had a nice desk job. And not such a complicated family. And didn't move around so much. Well, maybe NOT someone like John Puller. But certainly not like his brother. The one in jail.
Ooops. That's right, he isn't there anymore. And it defies all logic that John is allowed to pursue him. All the rules of law and the military, but there you go - that's fiction. The author can get away with it. And aren't we glad he did ?

This is another good yarn by David Baldacci. And I am anticipating another good one, as I think he has set up either his next book, or the one after. I will be waiting for it.

Deadline, by John Sandford - Book Review

Review written by Loretta Pelletier, formally of Spruce Head and now retired and living in Topsham.

Virgil Flowers is up to his usual antics, although I did miss those philosophical musings on his current case and the Bible. He keeps busy tracking down the bad guys, playing straight man to Shrake and Jenner, and getting in a little fishing as long as he has his boat with him. The characters in this eighth novel are just as quirky, down home, venal, and down right dangerous as in his previous adventures. The mixture of dognapping, small town ( but big time ) embezzlers and meth labs keeps him on his toes. The various characters are broadly drawn and fine tuned. Muddy Ruff, Johnson Johnson and Ma Nobles. Now you know you are not going to pass up finding out how in the heck he came up with those names. But these novels are even more fun if read in order. I may need to start over so I can enjoy them again.


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