Seal Stories


On Wednesday, August 15th from 10-11 AM Jackson Memorial Library and Herring Gut Learning Center are partnering up to present a story time in the Herring Gut Library.  Join us for the famous "Andre the Seal" story, songs, and seal crafts!  This program will be aimed at ages 2 to 7 and their favorite adults.  It is free and open to the public.  For more information, call Herring Gut at 372-8677.

The Herring Gut Library is located at 59 Factory Road, Port Clyde.

Psychology and Religion: Reading the Bible Again for the First Time

On Wednesday, August 15 at 7 P.M. Alden Josey, Ph.D will be presenting a talk about reading the Bible.

C.G. Jung wrote that it is a property of the human psyche to generate religious dieas, theologies and systems of belief about the nature of the gods and the interactions and relationships between them and humans.  This "religious function" of the psyche has produced an amazingly varied, and often contentious, stew of ideas and practices in every corner of the world.

Evenings with the Jungian Psychoanalyst Alden Josey

On Wednesday August 8 at 7 PM Alden Josey, Ph.D will be offering a talk on 'Living With Symbols."  

The conscious mind is a prolific creator of language that uses words, sentences, grammar and syntax to organize and communicate meaning.  In our world of high technology, we place a high premium on the right use of complex human and machine language.

Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation Classes

There will be Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation Classes on Tuesdays in August at the Jackson Memorial Library from 6:30-8 PM.  Come when you can for guided meditation, talk and questions.  These classes are offered by John McIlwain, a member of the Teachers Council of Insight Meditation Community of Washington and the New York Insight Meditation Center.

Open House

Our open house last week was a great success.  We think over 150 people came!  Thank you to everyone who came and a big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who made the event possible.

Health Care Reform in Half an Hour

Did you miss our Health Care Reform in Half an Hour presentation?  Now you can view it any time you want here.


Health Care Reform in Half an Hour from Samantha Cote on Vimeo.

Additionally, you can view the slides used in the presentation with more details here.

Endangered Species

On Thursday August 2nd at 10 AM the Chewonki Foundation will present their traveling natural history show on Endangered Species at the St. George Town Hall.  This program is sponsored by the Jackson Memorial Library Summer Reading Program.  From dragonflies to whales, many of Maine's animals are having difficulty surviving.  Chewonki will help us learn why these animals are struggling and what we can do to help.  They will also be bringing two live non-releasable animals as examples.


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